The Secret of Red Miso Powder

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WTF Red Miso Powder: Traditional Flavors, Nontraditional Techniques

Red miso, the product of a longer ferment, has deeper coloring and a richer, more pungent flavor compared to its white miso counterpart. Red miso is typically added to dishes that call for a meatier, more savory, and heartier flavor profile, perfect for the colder months of the year. We fell in love with this red miso powder for its complexity of flavor, and found that adding red miso powder to any dish imparted an indescribable deliciousness that is an umami bomb. In powder form, red miso’s impact enhances the other ingredients without overshadowing them. Scott and Janie talk about the differences between misos, why we are so enamored with this new ingredient, and share the tasty recipes for a quick and easy red miso broth and the tastiest red miso cod fritters… on this week’s WTF.

Product Links:
Red Miso Powder

Recipe Link:
Red Miso Cod Fritters
Easy Red Miso Soup

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  • I am trying to get more complex flavors in vegan food, and umami brings a lot to the party. Your red miso powder is very intriging, and I am going to have to try it out.

  • Could you use it in a regular pullman loaf of bread?

  • Doug Martinides
    February 11, 2021 2:44 pm

    Very intriguing! I haven’t worked with Miso much and I like the versatility the powder offers. Two Questions: (1) Could i add the miso powder to a seasoned dredging flour for sautéed fish [or would it burn?] (2) intuitively it works with fish – but what about other proteins?

    • We haven’t tried adding it to a dredging flour. What we noticed when adding it to the Pate de Choux is that it made it look burnt, but it wasn’t and tasted amazing. So definitely try it! Personally I think miso would be great with any protein.

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