The Secret of Anti-Griddle

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WTF Anti-Griddle: Cold Cooking

What is an Anti-Griddle? Think of a hibachi grill if you lived in Arendell*, instead of a heated surface for rapid cooking it’s a super-chilled surface for rapid cooling. What would you use one for? Find out as Scott and Janie explore the possibilities of the Anti-Griddle and share a pretty special recipe for Apple Trio Vol au Vent… on this week’s WTF.
*Sorry not sorry for the Frozen reference.

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Perfect Ice Cream
Perfect Sorbet
Perfectagel Silver Gelatin
Egg Yolk Powder
Malic Acid
Sodium Bisulfite
Rapid Caviar Maker
Sous Vide Immersion Circulator
100 Micron Superbag

Recipe Link:
Triple Apple Vol Au Vent

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