The Secret of Slowing Syneresis

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WTF Slowing Syneresis: Weep No More

Syneresis, more commonly known as weeping, is the contraction of a gel that results in the separation of liquid. We’ve all seen it in yogurt, ketchups, and countless other places. This may lead us to think that something has spoiled, when in reality syneresis is a harmless but unavoidable process. We can fight the inevitable separation by slowing down syneresis with the careful inclusion of hydrocolloids. Scott and Janie explore the process of syneresis and the gums best suited to counteract it, and share 6 varieties of fun, funky ketchups… on this week’s WTF.

Product Links:
Perfected Xanthan Gum
Locust Bean Gum
Ultra-Tex 3
Ultra-Tex 4

Recipe Link:
Fun and Funky Ketchup

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